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Where to Invest

The Blue Ribbon Asset Group aims to acquire multifamily assets throughout the state of Florida.  Our goal is to obtain existing multifamily communities in prime sub market areas that have operational inefficiencies and are in need of moderate interior and exterior renovations.  

We chose Florida because of the close proximity to our team's home location.  We want to be able to visit the properties with relative ease and minimal cost.  This also helps when scheduling tours of potential deals.  We look for cities with a good variety of industries that support the economy.  WE do NOT want a city with a high concentration in one sector.  

Our general criteria is to target B and C Class buildings in A and B areas.  This means construction in the mid 1970's and 1980's.  We have found that these offer the most opportunity to add value to the project and therefore maximize profits. 

At Blue Ribbon Asset Group, we only invest in regions throughout Florida that
are most likely to benefit from the trend of growing population and job creation

- Population Growth

      - We target submarkets with unemployemnt rates below the state and national averages.

- Unemployment

      - We target submarkets with unemployment rates below the state and national averages.  

- Multifamily Cap Trends

      -  Markets with lower Cap rates offer more potential for higher returns.  

- Multifamily Occupancy Trends

      -  We target cities with decreasing vacancies as compared to the state and national averages.  This is a very important

           indicator of a healthy and stable economy with a lower associated risk of investment.

- Multifamily Rental Trends

      - Growing rental rates and decreasing vacancy rates signal a growing population that is outpacing supply.

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